Friday, October 14, 2011

Education Cubes - More Math Skills

Some more math skills we covered today with the Education Cubes are reading numbers to 99, comparing which are higher and lower, and reading number words. We also talked about terms like more and less, larger and small, and greater and less.

Reading Number Words  

Jacob and Wesley are new readers. Jacob is working on short vowel words. Wesley has learned long vowels. But number words like one, two, and four must be learned as sight words at this time. So we drill these words with the Education Cubes.

Reading Larger Numbers

The cards have numbers from 1 to 99 on them. I have made lots of cards so we change the numbers in the cubes each time we play. One game we play is simply tossing the cube and reading the number that you threw.

Then we play that they both toss a cube and read their numbers. Then we have to decide which number is larger. Then we switch and play which number is smaller. I make sure that we keep using all the possible terms like: larger, smaller, bigger, littlest, greater, higher, lower, etc.

Sometimes the tossing of the cubes gets a little wild, especially with these two. Another great benefit of these SOFT bonked heads...LOL.

We really love using these cubes for math!


  1. Did you make the cubes, or where did you get them? Great ideas!

  2. has a link to Amazon where you can purchase them. Jenn also offers membership to her collection on cards she has made for the cubes. She has some very nice cards. I have a membership even though I make most of my own cards as they are done by hand and so easily. This way they are at the exact level my grandchildren need at that very moment.