Friday, October 14, 2011

Education Cubes - Time & Dimes

Wesley, who will be 5 in 2 months, and Jacob, who turned 5 in September, love to use the Education Cubes.

They are learning to tell time. Here we are working with time to the hour. We play with the cubes in a couple different ways.

First they took turns shaking one of the cubes and telling the time that landed on the top.

Then, I ask "Who has one o'clock?" They flipped their cube around until one of them shouted,
"I found it!"  

"I have four o'clock."

Dimes and Counting by 10

The cubes spaces are filled with cards stamped with dimes. The boys are learning to count by 10's and to recognize dimes.

Wesley counts 60 cents.

Jacob counts 30 cents.


  1. Very cute! Great idea. Where did you get the dime stamp? Oh and just a fyi from a mom who has been there, Wesley's "w" sitting can be an issue in the future. My daughter is low toned and we have to correct her "w" sitting all the time. Great game! We'll be including it next week!

  2. I got a set of coin stamps YEARS ago at a teacher store. I did recently see a set at our local store. I also got a couple of clock stamps (a large one and a smaller one). These all have come in very handy for making games for the children over the years.