Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Golf Tee Count

Here is a Golf Tee game made for little ones. For this one I have cut the holes using one of my scrapbooking templates. This way the holes are big enough for little fingers, so no need to use golf tees or other pointy objects.

The pictures used to make the cards were cut from preschool workbooks like you can buy at many stores. Some have the numbers printed next to the pictures because the child was to circle the correct number. By making them into a game instead, the child can play and play until she has learned all the numerals.

 The child counts the animals, and finds the correct number.

Then she sticks her finger in the hole next to the number.
Now she can easily turn the card over and check her answer.

The hole with the correct answer has been marked on the back. For some reason Diana called it a "cauliflower." But she got good drill on recognizing her numbers.

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