Wednesday, October 12, 2011

State ID Spin

State ID Spin is a fun way to drill information about the US states!

This gameboard can be used in a variety of ways: (An answer key with the state listed by the number on the map, along with the state name, capital and any other information the players may want to drill is good to have available.)

NOTE: Landing on a red space, loses one turn.
  1. Name the State - The first player gives the number of a state shown on the map. The player to his left gives the name of the state. If he is correct, he spins the spinner and moves the indicated number of spaces. He then gives the number of a state he wants the next player to identify. Play continues around the board until one player reaches the end of the path.
  2. Name the State 2 - We had a set of cards with the numbers 1-50 on them. In turn, a player drew a card, identified the state or gave the other necessary information. If he was correct, he would spin and move.
  3. US Geography Trivia - While we studied the states, my children made question cards for review. We used these cards and played with this board. Players would have a question read to them by another player. If correct, he could spin and move. When we made the cards, the children wrote the answers on the back side of the cards so they could play games like this or do individual review.
  4. For 3 or more players - Using a set of State Flash Cards or other cards with the state names on each - Deal out all the cards to players. Players hold the cards so no one can see them. The first player (start with the youngest player) spins the spinner and moves. He then gives the number of a state he does not hold the card to. All players check the map and the cards in their hands. The player with the proper state card shows it, discards it, and it becomes his turn. He spins and moves. He then gets to give the next state number. Play continues until someone reaches FINISH or someone gets rid of all their cards. To keep from having numbers repeated over and over, we kept a list of the numbers (a dry-erase board works great for this) handy and the numbers were erased or crossed off as they were used. For a Variation of this game - Don't bother with the spinning and moving. Just play until one player no longer has any cards.

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