Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Velcro Vowels

There are a couple nice things about a game like this:
  1. The child can do the activity over and over until he masters these words. If I had left the pictures in a workbook, he would have done it once and moved on. 
  2. The child can work independently once he knows how to do this type of card.
  3. You can make the card self-correcting by writing the words on the backside of the card for the child to check when he is finished.

Velcro Vowels is easy to make.

I used a small plate as a template to cut this circle from yellow posterboard. You could use one side of a colorful file folder. Divide the circle into segments and add a picture (cut from a phonics page), putting one picture in each segment. Write the word along the edge leaving out the vowel. Put a small piece of Velcro in the space. Cut some small squares of the posterboard or file folder and write the missing vowels, one on each. Add Velcro to the back. 

Play is independent once the child understand the game. Setting all the vowels face-up, he selects the correct vowel to finish each word. The Velcro holds the vowels in place until the whole card is filled.

Keep the cards stored with the card. Put the cards in a small zippered sandwich bag. Punch a hole through the bag and through the center of the card. Attach the bag to the card using a brad (paper fastener).

This activity could easily be made self-correcting, allowing for more independence, by writing the words on the back of the card.

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