Friday, February 3, 2012

Homonyms - Pick a Pair

This is an easy to make and fun to play card game to learn, drill or master homonym pairs.

 The deck was made with blank playing cards purchased at a local teacher store. However, index cards cut in half would work perfectly. Make a list of homonym pair to be worked on. Write one word on each card. Cards could be laminated/covered with clear Contact paper after words are added, but they are so easy and inexpensive to make that I would not bother with this step.

To Play 

After the cards have been shuffled, place them in a draw pile between the players. In turn, a player draws a card, reads it out loud,  and looks for a match. If he finds no match, he simply places the card face-up so all players can see it.
 If the player finds a pair, he has to explain the meaning of both of the words. The boys often find this easiest to do by using the words in a sentence.

Charles collected "here" and "hear." He defined them by saying, "I am sitting here." and "I can hear lots of noise."

The boys enjoyed this fun game and I could easily watch what they were doing/saying and occasionally help out with a definition while still helping another child with their work.

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