Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hunting Bear - Liquid Measurements Game


Sometimes the biggest secret in making a successful educational game is the THEME. This game sounds like it is about hunting bears. Charles LOVES hunting and dreams of hunting big game. So designing this game around a picture of a bear, tracking, and naming it "Hunting Bear" -- I had him "trapped." He was so excited to play. Of course it helped that I had the board out yesterday, but had not found the the excitement built for him. He could hardly wait to finish his math lessons so we could play the game.

The board was so simple to make. I used a brown file folder. I had some animal tracks stamps and used the one for a bear since I also had the cute notepad of bear papers.

I simply stamped a path of the bear tracks. Notice I added a little green to some and red to others. When a player lands on one of these spaces they either lose a turn (red) or get an extra turn (green). When fun spaces like this are added to a game, the play becomes more fun. It also levels the play. Luck becomes a big part in determining the winner - not just skill level. 
 There are two decks of cards for this game. One simply has "cups," "gallons," "quarts," "ounces," or "pints" on the cards. I added to bear track stamp just to keep to the theme.

I cover cards with clear Contact paper. I often cover the backsides of the cards with decorative Contact paper just to make them prettier.
The second deck has these types of amounts on them. 

Notice that I used different colored paper and different decorative Contact paper to make the decks easier to sort.

To play, a player would draw one card from each deck. Then he would change the measurement on the yellow cards into the unit on the brown card he drew.

For example, if the yellow card is "1 gallon" and the brown card is "pints," the answer would be "8 pints."

Then the player would spin a spinner, or toss a die to determine how far he gets to move.

 We use the same answer key and the "Gallon Ruler" manipulative that we used with "Home is a Lily Pad."

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