Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Time - a Board Game

A fun board game in a Candyland format.

This board game is so simple to make. Take a pretty colored file folder. Draw some simple shaped spaces to create the path. I used a permanent black marker. I added the little lines between the shapes just to make the path clearer. Add a couple of stickers to a couple of the spaces and write times in the rest of the spaces.  
The gameboard
 The cards can be made from card stock, posterboard, half index cards, or simply use the backs of business cards like I did here. My son happened to have a bunch of these left over and I put them to good use.

The cards
 I used a clock stamp and pen to create the clock cards. Pictures of clocks could be cut from a math workbook, or could even be drawn. Then I made a couple fun cards to match the stickers on the path.

TO PLAY: Play is similar to Candyland. In turn, a player draws a card and moves along the path to the first space that matches the time on the clock he drew. If he draws a fun card, he moves to the matching space on the board. This may be a forward or backward move.

Storing the cards

STORAGE:  I store the cards in a ziplock bag. I punch a hole in the upper left corner of the bag and in the file folder near the fold. I use a paper fastener to hold the bag. I keep the prongs to the inside of the folder so they do not catch on other file folder games. I store all my file folder games in milk crates. I use different crates for different subject so the game I want is easy to find.

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