Thursday, May 9, 2013

SEARCH - Clocks & Time

Search games are always enjoyed by even little ones. The games are easy to make more difficult for older children by simply having more pairs to match.

I used two different colors of card stock. Using two different colors makes the game a little easier for younger children as all the clocks are on yellow while the times are on blue. 

The clocks were made using a stamp. They could be made using pictures from a math workbook. I marked out a 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of card stock. Then after the clocks were stamped and marked I covered the sheets with clear Contact paper to make the cards more durable. The times were written on the blue card stock cards after a sheet was marked out and then covered with Contact paper.

NOTE: I have blank cards printed on numerous colors of card stock in different sizes so they are ready whenever I need them. Those of you who are more computer sauvy can probably have templates ready and add pictures or words before printing them out.

To Play: In turn, players turn up two cards attempting to find a match. If the turned cards are not a match, the cards are again placed face-down and the next player takes a turn.

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