Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Walk, Swim, Fly, or Hop

A game for the little ones to take a look at the way animals move.

The Game Board:

I usually use colored file folders to make games more attractive, but we need to remember that manila is a color too. In this case it seemed to be exactly the right color to set off the green stickers and the animal pictures.

THE PATH: Using 3/4" green stickers I created a path. I used pictures cut from some animal books to decorate the board. CUT A BOOK? Yes, I do cut books. I will tell all about cutting books in a future post. 

On the spaces are the letters W, S, F, or H. They, of course, stand for Walk, Swim, Fly, or Hop. 

Here is a close-up of the path:

The Cards:

More pictures CUT FROM BOOKS. 

After the pictures are cut and pasted on the cards, I cover the cards with clear Contact paper. Laminating would be good if you have one available.

To Play:

The animal cards are shuffled and placed in a draw pile.

Each player places a game piece at the beginning of the path. 

In turn, players draw a card, name the animal and then decide how that animal normally moves. He then places his game piece on the next space with the letter that begins the word that describes how his animal moves.

This is a good game to introduce children to new animals. Letting them see the pictures and figure out how the animal moves. 

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