Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Game Pieces

We have collected games pieces for years. It start back in the 80s. It is always more fun to play with a favorite new piece or one that looks lucky today.

Now this is the way that we store many of our game parts and other smaller school items. I have two of these sets of drawers. 

The second drawer is game pieces. These are the little fun things that move around game boards.  

Before I started using these drawers, the game pieces where in those colorful plastic pencil boxes that you can pick up rather inexpensively just before school starts. I had several of them.

In fact, when my children were little (starting back in the 1980s) we each had our own box. It was fun to collect items. Pretty rocks were interesting to find. Garage sales gave us the biggest opportunities. Sometimes these things could be found in FREE boxes or for just a few cents. I often bought games just because of the interesting dice or game pieces the game had if I could get it cheap enough. 

The children bought these as a special gift for me one year. They were so excited as they knew I loved lopped eared bunnies. There is also a blue one which I found after I took the picture. So these have been around for a long time -- at least 25 years.

The giraffes and Noah & his wife were miniature Christmas decorations. I have bought several different packages of these tiny ornaments just for this purpose. They are fun when you find them deeply reduced just before or after Christmas. The little wooden pieces come from a variety of games - we have these in lots of colors and shapes. The dinosaurs are just small toys. The dinos are especially fun to use when we play a game like Extinction. I have no remembrance of where we got the boy. The deer are miniatures meant to be used in terrariums or other model set-ups. The fish are erasers. You can find many fun shaped erasers. The jeep, of course, comes from Monopoly. 

Get a pencil box or other small contain and start your collection. Getting the children involved in this will get them more excited about playing your home-made games. They will want to try out their newest finds.

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