Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bingo Games 3 - Count 'Em Bingo & a BONUS TIP

Count 'em Bingo 

Calling Cards - By gridding out a sheet and making all the cards together it is much faster to cover with clear Contact paper or laminate. Then quick to cut apart.

 The pictures were cut from a simple math page in one of those workbooks for children you can buy most anywhere...but don't forget the best spot to find these is FREE boxes at rummage sales.

Playing Cards - Use a simple grid. Here I used only 16 spaces because I wanted more room.  Write the needed numbers in a mixed up order. Not every card will have each number. I added a little picture (from the same book) to each playing card just to make them look nicer. Besides sometimes it is the picture that captures the child and it will become their "favorite" card.

SPECIAL TIP - One of the most frustrating things for little ones when they play BINGO is bumping their playing card and messing it all up. is an easy solution.

Make up a plastic sleeve with pieces of velcro strategically placed so they will be in each section of the grid. You can see from the next two pictures what this looks like. 

Rather than cover or laminate the playing cards, they will be placed in plastic sleeves (page protectors). The Velcro is on the outside. In this way you can use the sleeves for all your BINGO games. Since I have several different grids I use (9 spaces - 25 spaces) I have made these plastic sleeves to match each size and spacing.

As you can see, the Velcro is placed to match up with each BINGO space. 

I have used the matching Velcro pieces on small poker-like chips so they can be used as markers. 

TIP You do not need to make dozens of these plastic sleeves with Velcro. Just make one for each type of grid you may use. Unless, of course, you have multiple young players that may need this added help.

Now you can use these for any BINGO games you may make. Since I now put all my BINGO playing cards in plastic sleeves, it is quick and easy to take one out and put it in one of these special sleeves if it is needed or wanted by a player. 

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