Monday, March 21, 2016

Bingo Games 4 - Area & Perimeter Bingo

Playing Cards

I choose a 16 square grid so there would not be an over abundance of information facing the player.

I was sure to include similar answers - such as 24" and 24 sq. in. I want them to understand the need for careful labeling of answers. I was also able to make sure they are acquainted with abbreviations. Any number of playing cards can be created, just making the responses in different locations. Remember not all problems will have a solution on each card.

Calling Cards

Here I drew pictures of the geometric shapes and gave the needs dimension. I wrote AREA or PERIMETER at the bottom of each card. 

I have the players keep a piece of paper handy for any calculations that may be necessary. 

I should have included a little number in a bottom corner of each calling card so that I could include an answer key. In that way I would not always have to be a part of the game.

SOLITAIRE PLAY is possible. Have the player select a card and then give them the assignment of finding a particular BINGO. For example, ask them to find the calling cards to make a BINGO across the top. They can simply use the calling card to cover the space as they find the right one. They may have to work through several additional calling cards before they find the ones needed.

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