Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy as Pie - Fractions

Here is a fun game for introducing fractions or seeing how fractions are equivalent.

To Make:

Cut two large circles and two large squares to be the playing boards. Set these aside. Now cut 3 more of each. All circles should be the same size. It is nice to have these each be a different color. Cut one of these circles into half, one into thirds, and one into sixths. Cut the squares (all the same size) into half, quarters, and eighths. Write the fractions on each piece.

Cut an additional circle to be the spinner. Divide it into eight sections and mark them as shown in the picture. We like to use a clear plastic spinner laid on top and fastened with a brad instead of adding an arrow to the spinner. This plastic spinner works so well. We take it off when the game is over so we can use it on the spinners we have for other games. We got a package of three of these at our local teacher store for about $6. They are well worth the price!!!

To Play:

Each player starts with a blank playing circle and square. The object of the game is to fill each with fractional pieces. 

The fractional pieces have been sorted into piles in the center of play.  In turn, a player spins the spinner and collects the indicated piece. He adds it to his circle or square. If he can't use the piece because he no longer has enough room for it, his turn is over. 

If the spinner says he must give back one piece, he selects any piece he wishes and returns it to the center.

Some other possibilities: If a child should spin a fraction and there are no longer any of the indicated pieces in the center, he may collect EQUIVALENT pieces. For example, he spins 1/3 and these pieces are all in use. He may instead collect two 1/6 pieces. We take pieces and lay them on top of each other to help players see that they are equivalent. 

The first player to completely fill both his circle and his square is the winner.


  1. This is such an awesome idea! For your pieces did you use card stock or construction paper? Did you use clear contact paper to cover everything? Thanks for sharing all your wonderful learning games.

  2. Jill, I use poster board or card stock. The spinner is made from poster board and not covered at all. The fraction pieces are card stock. I often cover both sides of heavily used items. Here I just covered the fronts. I do just use clear Contact paper.