Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poor Piggy - Counting Pennies

Poor Piggy plays like Old Maid. 

The Cards:

On white paper I drew out a pattern for the cards. I drew the piggy banks with numbers on 10 cards. The Poor Piggy card has no money slot, so he doesn't match up with any coins. The coin cards were stamped using penny coin stamp I purchased years ago at a teacher's store.
Years ago I did this on white paper as an original so I could xerox it on colored cardstock for myself and to be able to share the game with others. How technology has changed!

I found these card holders in a card game at a garage sale. I was so excited to get four of them for only 50 cents. They are much higher to purchase separately.

To Play:

After the cards are shuffled, they are all dealt out to the players. One player will have more cards than the other, but that is OK.

Players sort their cards making all pairs they can and setting them aside.

 It is often easier for young players to place all their cards face up on the table to help them find their pairs.

 Wesley took a little time making his pairs.

Players can either hold the remaining cards in their hands or use one of the handy card holders.

In turn, players draw one card from the other player and match it to the pair in their hand. They then set this pair aside with their other matches.

 OOOOOOOOOOOPS! Douglas drew Poor Piggy. So he just mixes it with the other cards in his holder and hopes that Wesley will draw it back.

Wesley drew a penny card. After learning how many pennies, he will match it to its piggy bank card and set them aside.

 Douglas drew and made this match.

Oh, no! Wesley, don't draw that card. 

But he did and Douglas made the last match, leaving Wesley with the Poor Piggy. Since we didn't make a big deal of this, Wesley was quite pleased to have the Poor Piggy and Douglas was happy knowing he had won.

Fun game. Easy to make. Good learning. SUCCESS!

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