Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spin, Count & Move

Spin, Count & Move is a good first board game.  This is another game made from a math workbook page. The jar was pictured at the top of the page. The small pictures on the spinner were at the bottom with a space next to each. The child was to count the items they found in the picture and write the number in the space. They would do this one time. Now that it is a game the exercise can be repeated until learned and more than one child can use the game. 

Another benefit is that Diana can play this game, learning the skills of counting objects and transferring that number to the spaces she can move. Diana is only 2 and is unable to write her numbers, so she would not have been able to do the worksheet, yet she can learn the counting skills.

 I started this with Diana playing by herself with my coaching her. Thus she learned how to spin, what to count, and how to move her game piece.

To Make

The large picture was cut out and glued to the file folder. A path of 3/4" stickers was made, leaving a space for the spinner.

The Spinner:

I drew the spinner on a sheet of lighter colored card stock, so it would show up. I could have just drawn it right on the file folder. The little pictures were cut from the workbook page and glued to the spinner. The spinner was then glued to the file folder and the whole game board was covered with clear Contact paper. 

Next a hole is punched through the center of the spinner. Originally, I attached a cardboard arrow using a brad (paper fastener). However, I now do something much better.   

I use hard plastic spinners that I found at the local teacher store. I got three in a package for around $5.  I keep these in our game piece box and attach them to the spinner while we are playing the game.

 To Play:

Now that Diana had the general idea, it is time for her to play with another player. So Wesley, who had been begging to play, joined the game. 

Each takes a turn, spinning, counting the indicated creature in the picture, and moving their game piece that number of spaces.

Now Diana is learning another skill...taking turns. A good number of skills learned from one simple game.

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