Friday, October 7, 2011

Beginning Sound Golf Tee

Children love this easy-to-make game. I love the game because it is self-correcting and the child can drill independently. Also, he gets immediate confirmation of his proper responses or correction of any mistakes.

To Make:

Cut some simple pictures from a phonics workbook.  These pictures were all set up to be used as a golf tee game as they had 3 possible answers for the child to choose from. Likely you will just have to add three letters next to the picture after it has been glued to the card. Next punch a hole next to each letter.

Then, set up the back-side of the card:

Circle in red the hole that is next to the correct response. I like to add the complete word for the child to see as well.

To Play:

The child selects a card and identifies the picture. He then uses a golf tee to insert into the hole next to his chosen response. While holding the golf tee in the hole he turns the card to see the reverse side and verify his answer.

Wesley enjoys this way to drill. 

Note: A pencil, pen, or other narrow object can be used instead of the golf tee. However, I found a large package of these (plastic) in bright colors that work so well and give the game its name.


  1. You know, I just downloaded a pumpkin math game that has a similar idea.

  2. Self-correcting works so well for placing in a center. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I like playing games with our son and he prefers someone to do things with him as he's doing his schoolwork. In fact, the subject he doesn't like to do the most is math. Usually, it takes me about five or ten minutes to teach him how to do his assignment. Then, he's left on his own to do the work. The rest of his work, he loves to do because I pretty much have to do with him for various reasons. He JUST doesn't like to do any schoolwork that requires no supervision! Anyway, he has been diagnosed with reading delay and was having a horrible time understanding the idea of letters you use together that make a blended sound, like sh, wh, th, and others. I ended up making a game to work on teaching him how to pronounce these letter blends. I ended up coming up with three levels of play as we worked on it. The first level, he has to make the sound the blended letters make, the second level, he makes the sounds and names a word that uses that sound. The final level, he makes the sound, names a word, then uses the word in a sentence. The board has spaces with the letters on the spaces, a few of them have stuff like move back three spaces, roll again, go back to start, etc. We use one die and made it into a file folder game.We play it about once a month now but, when I first made the game about a year ago, we played it once a week. If you aren't up to making your own game, I have it on and it's called "Sweet Sounds of Letter Blends."

  4. I always value learning ideas that my daughter will be able to do independently. It gives me at least a few minutes of time to get other needed things done. Thank you for being my first ever sharer at the all new Learning Kids Link-Up. :)

  5. Thank you, Melanie, for you comment. I agree that having games that children can do on their own is so helpful to busy moms. The self-correcting aspect of these kinds of games allows Mom to know that the child is being left with correct information.

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