Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Color Recognition Search

Many may know this format (way of playing) as "Memory." We have called it "Search" since my children were little. The rules are simple. Deal out any number of paired cards, face-down. Players take turns selecting two cards in an attempt to find pairs which they collect.

Here Diana is the only player, while I watch and encourage her. We also name the colors as she turns over a color. Diana turns up a yellow card. She then looks for its match.

She finds the match. The two yellows make a pair which Diana collects...

...and sets aside.

After collecting all the pairs, Diana is ready to play again.

Diana played several games and it was interesting that she always turned up the upper left-hand corner card first every time. Here she finds a yellow.,

Having made the pair of yellows, she selects the new upper left-hand corner card. This time finding a blue card and looking for its match right below it. However, this must not have matched...

...as she later finds the match in another spot.

Finishing up that game, Diana is ready to play again and again and again.

Learning colors can be so much fun! She also loves the attention and time with Grandma.

Playing Search was a new format for Diana. As she learns this way of playing a little better, we will add more cards for her to match.

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