Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Name the Number - Numeral Recognition

Finding good activities to occupy the younger ones, while I work with their older brothers can sometimes be a challenge. So thinking of this simple game using the "big boys' " cards was a winner for me.

Letting Wesley, age 4, be the teacher, gave him a sense of being the older one, instead of always being the LITTLE brother. He looked the part as he was wearing a tie this day. He took his position very seriously and worked patiently with his young sister, Diana, 2.

Wesley flipped one card at a time asking Diana "What number is this?" She knows several of the numbers up to 12, but has a few she needs work on. He carefully traced numbers she didn't know or he held up fingers and had her count them as a way of figuring it out. I didn't give him this idea so I was so pleased to see that he thought of it.

While this is a very simple little activity, it was an important one for Wesley and Diana seemed to enjoy the time playing with her BIG brother.

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