Thursday, December 29, 2011

Math War Cards - Game 1

I found some math cards at Goodwill. They were in like new condition and selling for only 49 cents. So I purchased them. I knew the boys would love playing with the colorful cards which have addition and subtraction facts.

For the first game, we played the way the directions intended. Wesley and Charles played. Wesley, 4, is just learning his addition and subtraction facts, so he needed a slow paced game which would allow him all the time he needed to figure out the answers. He even kept a package of counters handy in case he needed some help. Charles, 6, knows most of the facts fairly quickly, so he would not be an even match for Wesley.

The cards were shuffled and then dealt out evenly between the two players (more players could play). The players place their decks on the table in front of them. Each turns over their top card and states the addition or subtraction problem and then states the answer. The player with the largest answer collects both cards. In case of a tie, each player places out another card, giving the new answer. The player that has the largest new answer wins all four cards.

Wesley has to think for a minute to find the solution to his math card.  Sometimes he used counters to help him for the answer.


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