Thursday, December 29, 2011

SPEED! Variation 1 - Solitaire Play

Because I am working with 4 - 6 children each day, I find it necessary to find ways for the children to do work independently. SPEED! works well for some fun drill that they can do on their own.

Following the basic rules of play, the children can play by themselves.

 Douglas shuffles the deck.

 He keeps all the cards for himself. He places four cards face up to be his playing cards and two cards to the center to be the cards he plays on.

 Then following the rules of the game he places cards from his playing cards to the center. He places cards that are one higher or lower in the skip-counting/multiplication table he is playing with. Here he is using the SEVEN SPEED! cards. 

He replaces any of the four playing cards used with new cards from the deck he is holding. If at anytime, NO card will play on either pile, he takes one card from his deck and places it on one of the center decks. 

The object of the game played this way is to have as few cards as possible remaining in his playing spaces, having played them all to the center.  Having zero cards remaining would be awesome. However, if they have 1 or more left, it is easy to encourage them to play again to see if they can have fewer the next MORE DRILL...we all win!

 Here Charles is playing with the THREE SPEED! deck.

 See his joy at getting ALL the cards to the center. A perfect game!

He enjoys the success!

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