Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Find the Answer - Addition & Subtraction Facts

"Find the Answer" is one of the children's favorite games to play. It is easy to make, fast to play, and fun for all ages.

To Make:

Make a collection of ANSWER CARDS that children will be required to find. These can be made using index cards, slips of paper, or any other supply you may have on hand. On each write the answer to a question you wish to drill, review, or test the child(ren) on. The child will read each answer card as (s)he hides it around the room - trying to remember where he placed each card.

QUESTION CARDS can be made using the same type of supplies as above, or the parent/teacher may verbally state a question.

You will want to keep the number of card pairs small for young children. Older children can handle more pairs. I still limit the number of pairs we play with at one time to about 10 even with the older boys.

Here Diana is reading one of her QUESTION CARDS. We are drilling math facts.

She takes a closer look. That might help.

After hunting around the room, she shows the correct ANSWER CARD she found.
The child will go around looking at each card they hid attempting to find the ANSWER CARD that they need. 
Diana shows the QUESTION and ANSWER CARDS together.

Wesley shares the cards that he has put together.
 Diana and Wesley played at the same time. I gave them each cards to hide and I had a set of QUESTION CARDS for each of them.

Wesley found the 6 he needed hidden in the bottom of the Charlotte's activity seat.
 Diana searched and searched for one of the ANSWER CARDS but could not find it. When the children are hiding their ANSWER CARDS it can be a big help for me to watch where they are hiding them so I can give suggestions of places to look. This can be important. Some time ago we were playing Find the Answer - States & Capitals. One ANSWER CARD could not be found while we played. Several days later, one of the children found it hidden between a couple books on a shelf.

Diana asks for help finding a card she needs.

The children bring their ANSWER CARDS up and match them to a Question Card

Think of all the possibilities for this game! We have used it for phonics, math, states & capitals, clocks & time, and words to read... so far.

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  1. Fun! I love that it's active. Perfect for those antsy kiddos!