Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Addition & Subtraction Equations - Education Cubes

Diana has recently been introduced to subtraction on paper. So the minus sign is rather new to her. I noticed that she was treating all problems as though they were addition. So I made an education cube with 3 plus signs and 3 minus signs.  The children took turn tossing the cube and shouting out PLUS or MINUS.

After a few minutes of this we changed to ADD or SUBTRACT. When I let them shout, they think it is a GREAT game! This rule depends on whether or not the baby is napping OR the noise level I can tolerate at the moment.

Then we added two number cubes. I kept the numbers low for Diana's benefit for now. (We have used larger numbers with Wesley, and much larger numbers with the older boys.)

Diana and Wesley took turns tossing the three cubes, lining them up and giving the correct solution to the equation.

Diana would get very excited when it was an equation she KNEW the answer to. For other, harder ones, she would do some counting to get the solution. By the time we finished playing she had memorized several more facts.


At times, Wesley offered some assistance.....

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