Friday, March 8, 2013

Roman Numeral Bingo

A game all ages can play!

Bingo is a game that is fun for all ages. It gives all players the same chance to win. Any skill can turn bingo into a fun educational game for learning, drill, or review.

I first made this game many years ago for my own children to play. Later it was used in the classroom. Now I am enjoying it with my grandchildren.

Charles playing Roman Numeral Bingo

I got the game out again because Charles, 7, has been working with Roman numerals.

Charles looks for the number on his card.

The calling cards show a Roman numeral. I usually ask Charles what number it is as he needs the most drill.

A calling card.

At times I will ask Douglas what the answer is, but since he is 9, he knows them quite well. However, this does give him a bit of review and lets me know that he still remembers them well.

Douglas has a nearly filled card.

A playing card

The playing cards have the numbers on them in a random fashion. Each card is different. The cards do not all have the same numbers. In this way we can play "black out" and not all win at the same time.

We used the game to begin showing Wesley what some of the letters represented and then helped him figure out a few of the cards.

Wesley works on filling his card.

Diana, 4, gets some practice reading numbers...

Diana, 4, plays along.
 Even though he was just beginning to learn to read Roman numerals, Wesley was able to win the game today. Bingo is a great equalizer!

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