Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Roman Numeral Search

We call it SEARCH, but this game is known by other names, as well....Concentration and Memory.

 We began with only 10 cards - the 1 - 5 and their Roman Numeral matches.

 Ladies first...so Diana started and selected two cards which were not a match.

 Wesley went next and made a match with the 5.

 Later Diana made her first match.

Then we tried the game with all 24 cards (1-12 and the matching Roman Numerals).
 We put the numbers to one side and the Roman Numerals to the other in an attempt to make it a little easier for Diana.
 You can see she is a little overwhelmed with the number of cards.

So...Douglas stepped in and took her place.

 Douglas matches the 8.
Wesley matches the 3.

It was a much better game and the boys both enjoyed it. Wesley got more practice.

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