Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Go Fish Roman Numerals

Now we used the cards with the cute little fish on them for the game they were intended...GO FISH!

 Here is Diana's hand. She had asked Douglas for a 3 and received one. So she had her first match.

 Wesley is asking for a card. We played that if you were holding the Roman Numeral card you could simple state the number you needed to make the match. However, if you were holding the number and wanted a Roman Numeral you had to state how it would appear using I, V and X's. For example, Wesley requested XII since he had the 12 card in his hand.

Of course, the fun comes if the person does not have the card you request and says, "Go Fish!" Then you get to draw from the pond of cards in the center of play.
Douglas played with Wesley and Diana. We had a fun time.

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