Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 Sevens

7 Sevens is a fun game the whole family can play. 

Children get practice with addition facts to 6+6 and recognizing numerals. They also learn to take turns and keep good attitudes while playing.

Grandsons Jacob, 8, and Aaron, almost 6, came for a visit and since we rarely have time with just us, we played some games. 

7 Sevens is a favorite game of all the children. We play it in many different fashions. Today we used number cards and counters. Each player gets a set of cards numbered 2-12 and 7 counters. 

The cards are placed in front of each player so they are visible to all. The counters are set to one side.

Two die are needed. I prefer to use numbered die rather than the ones that have the dots. The dots can be good for beginning players so they can use the dots as a visual for adding. However, these boys know or almost know the addition facts and just need more practice. Here a player rolled 2+2 which equals 4.

Since he rolled a four, he turns over his four card and the play moves to the next player.

The next roll... 7 and this is the FUN part. Rolling a 7 costs the player one of his counters. 

Play continues with each player taking turns rolling the dice and turning over the appropriate card or losing one of his counters. If a player has already turned the needed card over, he simply passes the dice to the next player.

When a player rolls a 7 and has to give up his last counter he is out of the game.

Poor Jacob. 
 But the game continues for Aaron and I....

Who WINS? The first player to successfully turn over all his cards. This can be difficult because some of the numbers are harder to get. OR the winner is the last player in the game when other players have lost all their counters.

However...Grandma always wins in that I get to have a fun time with the children. Also they get some addition practice and they don't even realize they are "doing school." ....but don't tell them. 


  1. What a fun idea! May I ask where you find dice with numbers instead of dots?

    1. Jill, I found the dice at a teacher store. I have also seen them at places that have "school" sections - like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and even some office stores. Another idea if you cannot find them is to use small wooden cubes and write whatever you need on the dice with permanent markers. These wooden cubes are at hobby/craft shops. I bought some at Michaels. Two spinners will also work for the game.