Sunday, September 15, 2013

Piggy Bank Coin Bingo

Bingo is a fun game that different ages can play together and all learn together.

March 7, 2013

All four of the children are able to play this game together. It is good review for the older boys and they just love to play. Wesley 6, is learning to count coins and Diana 4, is learning to identify the different coins and also to reading double-digit numbers.

The Playing Cards

I drew the pig on white paper and added the blank circles. Then I Xeroxed the pig on several different colors of card stock. The amounts were then written in on the cards so that every card was a little different from the others. Then I covered the cards with clear Contact paper to make them more durable. They could also be laminated or placed in plastic sleeves.

The Calling Cards
 I used coin stamps and put different combinations on these cards. Because Diana is just learning the different coins, we added real coins to our game. I would match the card so she could clearly understand what coins we were using. We helped Wesley (who needed this concept the most) count the coins after Diana had identified them.

 The Play
Plays exactly like traditional bingo. Once the amount on the calling card has been counted, all players look to their cards to find the matching amount. If they have the amount, they use a poker chip to cover the space.

 NOTE: Even young children who cannot yet read the numbers can play with a little help. They enjoy being a part of the game and covering up the spaces on their cards.

The Winner
The player who is the first to cover all the spaces on their card.

Even though Diana was the youngest and unable to count the coins yet, she is able to be the winner of the game.



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