Tuesday, November 1, 2011

0 - 103 Cards for Math

This deck has 104 cards numbers 0 to 103. Here are a few things we did with these today.

Highest Card Take 

Wesley and Jacob are learning to read and understand the values of double digit numbers. 

The deck was shuffled and divided evenly. Each boy turns over one card and reads his number. Then they decide whose number is the largest. That boy collects both cards.

 Double Digit Addition

Charles is working on double and triple digit addition, so this is good practice for him. The hardest part is doing the work in his head and remembering the ones place while he carries and adds the tens place. A child could write his numbers on a piece of paper and do his work there, but I like them doing the work without paper.

To play the game we divide the deck. Each player turns up TWO cards and adds them. The player with the higher sum collects all four cards.

We usually only play with a very few cards. We play once through our cards. In this way the child has done 4 to 6 problems and that is often enough. I want the activity to stay fun and not seem like "work." 

For a SPEED version of this game each player would only turn up one card and both players would race to give the sum first and collect the cards. For this version, players should be sitting next to each other so the cards are upside right for both players.

SUBTRACTION could also be drilled for either of these games. For the first version, we like to play whoever has the lowest difference is the winner. 

Put Us in Order

Since Wesley and Jacob are working on reading and the value of double digit numbers, here is an activity for this. 

The child draws 3 cards and places them face-up on the table. I have them read the numbers.

They may need a little assistance with questions like: Which card is the lowest?

Wesley had a little trouble with this group of numbers after he had selected 29 as the lowest number. 

I tried helping him by asking, "Which card has the highest number?"

He picked out the 66, but then couldn't figure out what to do with the 26. He put it in the middle, but something still didn't seem right.

 All of a sudden he had an idea and did a quick switch!

Now it looked much better!

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