Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Team Work - Working together to win!

The boys here are so competitive and hate to lose. So I had them working together. Here is what we did:

We used our deck of cards 1-12 (four of each). I appointed Charles, 6, the super hero in red, to be
the captain for the game. 

We were drilling addition. I shuffled the deck and then turned over two cards at a time. Charles would choose who would add the two numbers together. The only condition was that each child had to be the one giving the answer before a child got another turn.

If a 1 or 2 was one of the numbers, Charles appointed Wesley, 4, to be the one to give the response. If it was harder but Charles knew the answer right away, he would give the response. He counted on Douglas, 8, to give the answer for the team when he did not immediately know the answer.

This was the fun comraderie they showed all through the game!

Wesley, 4, was so excited that he was able to play along with the older brothers and be a real part of the team.

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